Music therapy

Sometimes, a piece of music evokes a strong emotional reaction without us being able to say why. At the same time, we may find ourselves struggling to find words to adequately describe our inner state of mind.
Music therapy is one of the oldest healing arts. Music enables us to engage with our feelings and communicate them in a direct way, and to this extent, the type of music we enjoy listening to, and the way in which we play instruments ourselves, offers a unique insight into who we are.

During sessions, if you wish, you can try out a range of instruments, from recorders to singing bowls, playing either alone or together with me. In keeping with the spirit of gestalt therapy - accepting and taking an interest in yourself as you are - the purpose is not to play the right notes, but to listen to how you sound.

The spoken word also plays an important role in gestalt-music therapy. An opportunity to play or listen to music will usually arise in the context of a conversation, and in nearly all cases, you will have the opportunity to talk afterwards about how a musical experiment may have affected you.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”
Victor Hugo

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